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Bridging the Gap Between Rehab & Performance

When will I be ready to run after a knee injury quic

Readiness Quiz

How do you know when you’re ready to run? How do you know you’re strong enough? How do you know how well you’re progressing through the rehab process?

Our evidence-based quiz is designed to help you identify key indicators to improve your ability.

Traditional Physical Therapy is Not Designed for You to Excel.

Physical Therapy is intended to help with pain, range of motion, and ensuring you’re able to functionally move which may have been compromised due to injury. Which is why you feel incomplete. 

But pain management isn’t good enough.
You deserve more, you deserve better.
We understand.

TGR is designed to compliment the rehab process with strengthening programs that meet you where you are to fill the gaps.

Knee By The Numbers

The number of injured athletes has drastically increased in recent years, with knee injuries amongst the most common. Repercussions can have season-ending implications, and worse can compromise an athlete’s ability to perform again
Amount of ACL-injured athletes that do not return to pre-injury levels
0 %
Increased likelihood of knee replacement after arthroscopic knee surgery
0 X
Average number of months to fully recover after having a significant injury
0 +
Percent of athletes that return to running after Meniscus surgery
0 %

Rehab faster and more effectively with TGR

Football Players Knee Injury

Why TGR Works

The Gym Rehab provides a science-based approach, combining physical therapy with strength and conditioning methods to ensure that you can return faster, stronger, and better than before.

A New Level of Personal Training

We’ve elevated the standard converging physical rehabilitation and personal training in an app that safely provides tailored exercise coaching, education and accountability making your performance goals and timelines attainable.

Regularly updated rehab protocols to ensure best possible outcomes after injury.

Appropriate intensity in exercises to meet demands of sports and fitness.

Remote app monitoring of physical improvements, daily activity, sleep, and nutrition.

24/7 access to rehab coach for any questions or concerns.

Get in the game, stay in the game

Knee injuries are the most common injuries in athletes and active people, but the physical therapy and rehab services often leave you wondering what to do next when they discharge you. It’s easy to feel lost in the rehab process after surgery or therapy, and you may even be wondering whether you need therapy at all. TGR is here to fill in those gaps, let’s discuss the best options to get you feeling stronger, faster, and better than before.