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About The Gym Rehab

The Gym Rehab is an online platform, established by experts in movement, exercise, and rehabilitation. We provide personalized coaching and accountability to individuals seeking to regain optimal, physical performance post-injury.

Through a multidisciplinary approach, TGR aims to humanize the rehab and fitness experience by working with everyday coaches, trainers, and clinicians to combine evidence-based methods to offer the best in class, remote physical rehabilitation.

Our Mission is to

Provide consumers with cost-effective, customizable wellness solutions to quickly return to optimal health and wellbeing.

We envision a world where health and fitness industries are revolutionized by humanizing care and forming symbotic relationships across disciplines to offer a greater value to consumers.

Join us on that journey.

About the Founder

As a lifelong athlete, Dr. Justin Taylor, DPT, has seen firsthand the gaps between pain, rehab, and performance.  With an education that expands beyond the classroom, he has spent over a decade in the strength and athletic performance space learning from hundreds of coaches, clinicians and athletes.

The Gym Rehab was founded from the notion that consultative care, especially in physical rehabilitation, is best established by the convergence of industries to optimize patient outcomes.  

Having worked on both sides of the rehab model, both as a strength and conditioning coach, and later as a traditional physical therapist, he has seen firsthand client and patient frustrations in safely reaching their performance goals post-injury or surgery, with no clear path.

He’s made it his mission to bridge that gap.

If exercise is medicine, who's prescribing the dosage?

– Dr. Justin Taylor, DPT

Why Choose Us

The Gym Rehab is committed to equipping you with