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the gym rehab

For Clinicians & Practitioners

The Gym Rehab was designed as a tool for Rehab Clinicians to offer remote exercise programming to enhance and accelerate patient outcomes.  Developed by Rehab Clinicians and Strength and Conditioning Specialists, TGR combines an evidence-based approach to provide best-in-class, virtual, physical rehabilitation.

Our Philosophy

Train. Gain. Recover.

We believe the best standard of care exists with the formation of symbiotic relationships with those that work with our patients the most. From Clinicians and Practitioners, to Athletic Coaches and Trainers. 

We’ve worked with many patients that want to safely, better their outcomes and performance with programs personalized to their goals and lifestyles, and our programming, brings forth convenient, efficient solutions that meet them where they are.


Why Partner With The Gym Rehab​

Our network of rehab specialist understand the importance of physical outcome achievement and know the best way to accelerate this is to partner across fields, each providing expertise in a symbiotic voice. 

Our programming gives patients and clients access to to this expertise. Additionally, we offer clinicians the opportunity to stay in contact with their patients as they work through their recovery, monitor them for any issues and giving them the ability to make adjustments and amendments in real time.

The Gym Rehab App for Athletes Injuries

How we partner with you

Our programming can be used to compliment programming prescribed by a coach or trainer as it’s designed to both rehab and strengthen limitations associated with knee injuries.

Trainers and coaches are thus able to ‘train around’ injuries without worry because it’s being addressed through TGR’s coaching program where the focus is on strengthening the lower body.

How to work with us

We would love the opportunity to talk to you more about working together! Please fill out the form below.